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Are you sick and tired of your employees being sick and tired?

Does your team meet their daily nutritional needs with the office vending machine?

Would you like your employees to complain less and smile more on Mondays?

Health Angels knows all about the benefits of corporate health programs for you and your employees. We work with you to develop customised corporate health plans to help overcome your biggest staffing challenges.

  1. BulletSick leave and absenteeism

  2. Contact UsMonday-itis motivation issues

  3. shapeimage_2_link_0Dis-engagement and low morale

  4. BulletStress and depression

  5. BulletPoor health management

The Health Angels Corporate Health Group believes in a 3 step process to bringing your employees back to optimal performance.

        Step 1. Engage and delight

        Step 2. Educate and motivate

        Step 3. Activate and change

Invite us explain how these 3 stages of workplace health promotion can make a lasting difference to your workplace culture.

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Why is corporate health management a must for your organisation?

“In 2008, a Medibank study found that workplace stress is costing the economy $14.81 billion a year. It estimated that on average, 3.2 days per worker are lost each year due to workplace stress and that stress related absenteeism and presenteeism is costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.”

Angela Priestley - Article on Stretching dollars on stress


“thank you for the marvellous session...the feedback from our clients has been very positive - they found the session thought provoking, engaging and informative...thank you very much for the care and passion you put into the presentation” Hugh Kilpatrick, (CFP, RetireInvest Bentleigh)

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